Please Note:- Leather is a natural product and skins may vary slightly from skin to skin so patterns and colour samples should be regarded only as a guide. Your hide may also have natural marks, creases, holes and scars. This leather could be used for many projects, Furniture, upholstery, automotive, handbag, passport holders, key fobs, book binding, ideal for small crafts.
Each Full Leather Hide as a surface area of approximately 48 to 52 Sq Ft. With a Thickness of 1.1 mm apart from the goat hides which have a thickness of 0.9 mm with a approximate surface area of 8 Sq Ft.
Should you require any assistance please call Anthony on Mob:- 07778 428 918 or Tel:- 01772 457 338
Below is a photo showing the area of a leather cow hide.
j0178290.gif j0178290.gif
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Please note that these hides are not true automotive hides but can still be used for this purpose.

The main difference between these and true automotive hides is that they donít offer the same level of ultraviolet light protection.
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