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Rub Off and Seal
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Please note that these hides are not true automotive hides but can still be used for this purpose.

The main difference between these and true automotive hides is that they donít offer the same level of ultraviolet light protection.
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Leather Hides UK. Ltd
26 Aycliffe Drive
Buckshaw Village
Tel:- 01772 457 338
Mob:- 07778 428 918
Company registration No. 06940048
Antique leather rub off and seal for the antiquing effect of rub off leathers.
Creates 2 tone effect and seals the leather in one easy application Gently removes the top colour and creates a 2 tone antiqued effect on rub off (Chesterfield) leather as can be seen in the before and after pictures above.
It is recommended you try this on scrap leather pieces first.
Apply using a lint free cloth, use a gentle circular motion to slightly remove the darker top colour. to speed up the drying process use a hand dryer.
Avoid contact with eyes and mouth, in case of contact seek medical attention.
R 10 Highly Flammable. Do not expose to naked flames. Do not breath vapours use only in well ventilated areas. Use an appropriate breathing mask.
Price £14.40 per 250ml Bottle inclusive of VAT and Postage UK only.
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